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The Journey From Broken is a 6-week online healing program designed for anyone who has encountered emotional challenges and would like to heal.

Over the course of the SIX weeks, you will discover solutions to reflect on and process painful life events.

I will walk you through each solution and tell you exactly how to move from one stage to the next.

Together we will work on giving you the tools to move on with confidence and ease whatever your experiences.

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Using the tools I teach in this program, you'll learn how to face the difficulties of the past without fear.


Welcome to the course!


  • How to use this course
  • A message from the instructor
  • Before we begin...
  • Healing path

Session 1 - Journey to you


  • Session 1 - first video
  • Session 1 - second video
  • Session 1 - workbook

Session 2 - Layers to healing


  • First circle
  • Second circle
  • Third circle

Next steps


  • Congrats! Here's what's next...

Session 3


  • Session 3 - Patterns & Cycles
  • Session 3 - Workbook

Session 4


  • Session 4 - Shame
  • Session 4- Workbook

Session 5


  • Session 5 -
  • Session 5 - Workbook

Session 6


  • Session 6 - moving on

About Your Instructor

Joanna Daniel

Joanna Daniel

Village creator

In the absence of a village make one

Joanna is a counsellor and the founder of Wounds to Scars.  Under Wounds to Scars, she organises and facilitates the 'Courage to Heal' retreat and the Emotional Healing Conference.

Joanna is passionate about helping individuals trapped in hurt and cumbered by the pain of childhood trauma to experience healing.

She believes that our pain happens in relationships and it's in relationships that we will find healing.  Her encouragement to many is in the absence of a village make one.  This academy began as a means to help people heal so that they can discern safe people to be apart of their community. 

Joanna's aim is to create a village of healthy people all invested in each other's healing.


I love the structure and format of the course. I also like the way the material was presented
I knew what I needed but couldn't put it into words, your workshop help me identify what I needed and how to explain it
I have come a long way, thank you for your help


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