Self-care strategies for managing triggers


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  • What causes triggers
  • Coping mechanisms
  • How to heal by rewiring the brain
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  • Section 3

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Joanna Daniel

Joanna Daniel

Village creator

In the absence of a village make one

Joanna is a counsellor and the founder of Wounds to Scars.  Under Wounds to Scars, she organises and facilitates the 'Courage to Heal' retreat and the Emotional Healing Conference.

Joanna is passionate about helping individuals trapped in hurt and cumbered by the pain of childhood trauma to experience healing.

She believes that our pain happens in relationships and it's in relationships that we will find healing.  Her encouragement to many is in the absence of a village make one.  This academy began as a means to help people heal so that they can discern safe people to be apart of their community. 

Joanna's aim is to create a village of healthy people all invested in each other's healing.


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