Parenting After Trauma

Helping you parent from the inside out

Good parenting involves providing babies and children with safe and loving care. These are the skills that we often learn from our own childhoods and from our experiences of being provided with warmth, comfort, nourishment and safe boundaries.  However, what happens if you have never experienced that? How do you then start to be able to provide it for your children?

“When parents have the opportunity to reflect on their own childhood experiences they could make more effective choices in raising their own children.” - Daniel Siegel & Mary Hartzell

In our parenting after trauma course, we help you to safely explore areas of childhood that could be negatively impacting your parenting.

I am excited that you have decided to go on this journey with us.  See you inside the course.


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  • Welcome to the Parenting After Trauma course
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Session 1


  • Session 1 - What is trauma also includes the impact of trauma on parental responses
  • Session one activitites

Session 2


  • Session 2 - The relationship between trauma and parenting
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Session 3


  • Session 3 - Healing attachment injuries

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Session 4


  • Session 4 - attachment inheritance and legacy: Roadmap to secure connection

Session 5


  • Session 5 - Maintaining secure attachment

About Your Instructor

Joanna Daniel

Joanna Daniel

Village creator

In the absence of a village make one

Joanna is a counsellor and the founder of Wounds to Scars.  Under Wounds to Scars, she organises and facilitates the 'Courage to Heal' retreat and the Emotional Healing Conference.

Joanna is passionate about helping individuals trapped in hurt and cumbered by the pain of childhood trauma to experience healing.

She believes that our pain happens in relationships and it's in relationships that we will find healing.  Her encouragement to many is in the absence of a village make one.  This academy began as a means to help people heal so that they can discern safe people to be apart of their community. 

Joanna's aim is to create a village of healthy people all invested in each other's healing.


My Parents never told me that they loved me, I figured it out as I grew older. I don't want my children to have to 'figure' it out. I am glad I took this course. I wish my father could do it.
Course participant Male
We all have things to work through that we are not sensitive to, this course helped me see that
Course participant Father
The course is very informative, I wanted more
Course participant Female


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